Truth for Tuesday-some things are out of your control… I like control! I really like control. But when one of my teenagers missed the bus and I hadn’t finished my morning writing time, I thought, “well some days are like that, even in Australia.” I was bummed though, and I thought about when and how I would write later in the day. And even though it’s almost 10pm and my eyes are heavy from a coughing kid keeping me up multiple times last night, I’m showing up now, and that’s what counts. Do you know what happens when I try to control things and not let God take care of them? Anxiety and stress. It’s that static in my head, the constant buzzing of the extra, unnecessary work I’m doing in my mind. After all that work and stress and anxiety, I see God swoop in and he works it all out. Maybe not in the way I wanted him to, but he does, because he cares about me and he cares about the details of my life. He is so good all the time.

Day 3 of the poem a day challenge was a connection poem. It’s kind of Hallmark-but that’s totally my speed. Day 4 was a dream and/or a reality poem. I wrote this one from a stream of consciousness, kind of like a dream…If you like poetry, give it a read. Thanks for stopping by today!

Day 3 A Connection Poem

Their eyes scanned the room

and when they found each

other, they locked in place

and scanned no more.

They didn’t know what they

were looking for,

but they knew they found it

in each other’s eyes.

She looked away

so he made his way

across the room

to discover if they had

a connection.

He reached for her hand

and she placed it in his

as they made their way to the dance floor

“They are playing our song,” he said

and she smiled.

They danced the night away

lost in each other’s eyes

mesmerized by the others thoughts

They found what they didn’t know they were looking for

that night,

a dance partner for life.

Day 4 A Dream and/or reality poem

In a world of nonsense

with one’s head up in the


a dream can be reality

or so it seems

Flying on a unicorn

I reached out to touch

a cloud to see if

it was like cotton candy

or like a marshmallow.

I longed for a taste

but leaned over too far

and fell from the sky

landing on a rainbow

which was springy like a trampoline

and bounced me high into the air

where my unicorn caught me

and begged me not to do that again.

Was I entering Care-A-Lot or Cloud Cuck-Coo Land,

it was hard to tell

though there were no bears

or Lego to be found.

The unicorn screeched to a stop

and threw me into a cloud.

Sleepy from the excitement,

the cloud wrapped itself around me

like a cocoon and rocked me to sleep

where I dreamed about

a world made of cotton candy and marshmallows

until the cloud broke apart

and I fell through the sky,

arms flailing, not a scream escaped my lips,

as I startled awake in my own bed,

with a bag of cotton candy beside me

and let out a sigh that it was only a dream.

I lay back down to ponder that dream

when I saw something outside my window.

It was my unicorn waiting for me.