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I'm a fire wife to Kenny, mom to 3 active boys ages 10, 8, 6. I love Jesus, my family, reading, writing, bible study, working out, cooking and baking, watching movies, listening to music, walking on the beach, laughing with friends, and eating bacon.

Words for Wednesday

Control. I've written about control before. I like control. Do you know what you can't control? Other people. I also couldn't control where my dog chose to poop this morning which was unfortunate. There are so many things we can't... Continue Reading →

Truth for Tuesday

As I sit here this morning, contemplating what to write, what truth I can possibly think of at 6am on a Tuesday morning, this thought crossed my mind, life changes. Life is always changing. Always. Just the words stages, phases,... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings

Friends, it is Monday. It is the end of May and for parents and teachers and kids and many others, this is just a very busy time. I don't even think the words "very busy time," can actually describe how... Continue Reading →

Mayday! May Day!

Good morning and Happy May. I don't know if anyone else thinks of Justin Timberlake when they think about the month of May but ever since I saw the meme of him with the caption, "It's gonna be May," I... Continue Reading →

Sunrise and a Poem

Once again, I come here and say, this writing habit is a hard one. I had several weeks of early morning writing under my belt and then we went on vacation. I could have written over vacation. I did write... Continue Reading →

A Poem

Day 14- And now for something completely different-poem A ball of bands put together methodically over time now sits, abandoned

Thursday Thoughts and a Poem

Last night I attended our elementary school's talent show. It was the first one since pre-Covid days. How great it is to do things like we did before Covid again. I think we all appreciate things a little more now... Continue Reading →

Words for Wednesday and a Poem

Words are something I think about a lot. They can be powerful. They can be hurtful. They can be deafening. They can build someone up. They can tear someone down. Sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain and words... Continue Reading →

Truth for Tuesday and an Acrostic

Stress is a beast. It can manifest itself in different ways. I believe one can be stressed and not even realize they are stressed. For example. I didn't realize my level of stress until I thought, "why does my jaw... Continue Reading →

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