My morning did not go smoothly or quietly or uninterrupted again. It was interrupted many times and needed to end early and abruptly, but I was up and I showed up and I’m going to keep trying. Space Invaders is talking to me again at the arcade. I was going to finish writing tonight when I get home, but I’m tired. I played some arcade games with Logan and I hope when I get home Christopher will tell me all about his track meet, so I figure, there truly is no time like the present. My words to you for this Wednesday are, roll with it. Roll with the changes, the unexpected, the interruptions, the disappointments. Things won’t always go the way you plan, things don’t always go the way I plan, and sometimes that is for the best.
My poem prompt today was to write about a noun in a place. I started it three times, so I’m sharing with you my final go at it.

Stars in the Sky

Stars in the sky

light up the night

the vastness of the universe

I marvel at

and delight

on these astronomical objects

so profound

light years away

from where we walk on the ground

looking out into the universe

gives perspective

allowing humans to be more reflective

of how big the world is

while I’m just a speck

this is helpful to keep me in check

as I gasp and am in awe

of the sparkling night

a gift from the lord

a wonderous sight