Life As A Fire Wife



A Poem

Day 14- And now for something completely different-poem A ball of bands put together methodically over time now sits, abandoned

Words for Wednesday and a Poem

My morning did not go smoothly or quietly or uninterrupted again. It was interrupted many times and needed to end early and abruptly, but I was up and I showed up and I’m going to keep trying. Space Invaders is... Continue Reading →

Truth for Tuesday & Poetry

Truth for Tuesday-some things are out of your control... I like control! I really like control. But when one of my teenagers missed the bus and I hadn't finished my morning writing time, I thought, "well some days are like... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Gotta Write

A poem to end writer's block... I wish my creative time was earlier in the day Retraining my brain is met with much dismay As I rub the sleep from my eyes, "I need more time," my body cries But... Continue Reading →

Cari’s Creations

Graduation season is upon us! Do you have a graduate in your life that you need a special card for? Whether it is college, high school, middle school, elementary school, kindergarten, or pre-k, I'd love to make a card for... Continue Reading →

16 Years

Today, April 19, my hubby and I have been married for 16 years. 16 years since the day we said I do. That day was a lot like today, the weather was gorgeous and there was a chill in the... Continue Reading →

Parenting and Poetry

Oh, April (the month, not my dog). It has been quite a month so far. April started out with April not being able to be treated at the vet because she is high energy and needs to be sedated(great), a... Continue Reading →

The Bridge

Sometimes a bridge is just a bridge A road or a path to cross Sometimes a bridge is metaphorical For what we have to gain or what in our life is a loss No matter if this bridge is real... Continue Reading →

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