Another Monday. Another week. Another month. Another new beginning. Another chance to start something new or create a new habit. After much thought, I decided to take the weekend off and that if a project inspired me, I would work on that, but that I would take the weekend that the Lord had so graciously given me to wake up without an alarm. It felt good and was much needed. It also felt rewarding to “sleep in,” after creating a new routine of an earlier wake up last week. I was able to reflect on this weekend throughout all the activity and comings and goings. This week I will decide what changes I want to make to my weekly routine to make my weekends more peaceful and relaxing. This week I will also implement some writing goals in my writing time.

This is the start of a new month, and this is a month that challenges my writing every year, but I do look forward to it as well. April is National Poetry Month. This month I will write a poem a day from the writing prompts by Robert Lee Brewer on Writer’s Digest and to give myself an extra challenge I will also spend time reading poetry. Do you have a favorite poet? I would love to know who it is! Leave me a comment below.

Day 1- Prompt-A foolish poem

The Fool

The fool

waited for the right time,

the right day,

the right place.

The fool

always waiting

never doing.

The fool

waited his life away

in fear and laziness.

The fool

lost time

he could never take back.

The fool

at the end of his life

looked back

and saw


and thought,

I was a


Day 2-Prompt-A B-movie poem (I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a B movie and I had to google what it was, this was hard, but my attempt for the day)

Killer Squid

It’s coming for you

ready or not,

the killer squid

creeping up on the yacht.

Filled with men in polos,

and women laying out to tan,

being attacked by a killer squid,

was not part of their plan.

But a tentacle rose up

from out of the deep,

and overtook all but the captain

in one clean sweep.

The captain in his quarters

had nowhere to run and hide.

The killer squid sank the yacht,

and so, the captain died.

So swirled the mystery

of the disappearing yacht,

perhaps there will be a sequel

where the killer squid gets caught.