In case you have any doubt, I’m here tonight to remind you, that God is better. He is better than what the world has to offer you. His plans are better than the plans you have for yourself. His gifts are better than anything you could buy in the store(or on Amazon). His friendship is better than any friendship we have(even our most beloved ones). His love is better than any love we could ever give or receive. His power is better than any power/control we attempt to exert in our daily lives. His awesome work and redeeming love far exceeds anything our brains can comprehend. That while I was still a sinner, He loved me. Through my struggles and growth, He is patient with me. That He leaves the 99 to rescue the 1. I was 1. Lost. Alone. Broken. And He rescued me. But, I’m not done yet. He is not done with me. I’m incomplete as long as There is breath in my body. And he continues to work on me. Peeling away layer by layer, even when it hurts. To continue to create in me a new heart, that I would continue to desire to be more like him. I love that he restores and redeems. I love that he takes broken things and makes them beautiful. I love that as he peels back the layers of my past, he is showing me that he was always there and he always loved me, even when I didn’t know or love Him. And I love that he’s showing me in the present that I am not now nor will I ever be a slave to my past. And I love that my future is in his hands. And as I am growing everyday, he is right here with me. Amen.

Poem A Day-Day 19-What’s there/What’s not there

Where hate is present

love is not

Where fear resided

faith hides

Where darkness is

no light can be found

Where anger rages

forgiveness disappears


Where love is present

hate is not

Where faith resides

fear hides

Where light is

darkness cannot be found

Where forgiveness abounds

anger melts away

Love overcomes it all