Life As A Fire Wife



Voices Part 2

Hello friends, family, and blog readers. I'm back on again today, trying real hard to honor my writing schedule. It is not easy. So many things tug at my time, showering and eating for instance, but since I chose to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Blink

Have you heard that song by Kenny Chesney, "Don't Blink."? I start to feel that way every year around this time, like, where did the time go? (The current episodes of This Is Us is not helping me here). I'm... Continue Reading →

A Prayer and A Poem

In case you have any doubt, I’m here tonight to remind you, that God is better. He is better than what the world has to offer you. His plans are better than the plans you have for yourself. His gifts... Continue Reading →

Who Are Your People?

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a three ring circus, make that five rings. Everyone's got their own lives and their own schedules, and I feel like I'm the ringmaster making sure all the pieces come together where they... Continue Reading →

How I Found Peace This Week

Peace. Sometimes we find peace through a whisper, a prayer, or a song. I was not finding my week to be particularly peace filled. I was struggling in the overwhelm this week. But then, my song came on the radio,... Continue Reading →

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