I hope you all had a lovely Easter, celebrating our Lord’s resurrection. We had a quiet day at home after church, as our family has a strange tradition of getting sick on Easter. Nothing terrible, just some head colds, negative Covid tests(wahoo!) But even still, we made a nice brunch, I watched a movie with Christopher and Evan, got to the Dog park for a bit, played monopoly with Logan, went for a nice walk with a friend, had plenty of time to reflect on God’s goodness and how blessed we are that Jesus gave his life, so we could live.

Today is Day 18 of the Poem a Day Challenge, but I’m going to share my poem from Day 14. It is a reflection on how I’m trying to live every day. What are your goals for daily living? Are you just getting by? Do you have a big picture in mind or are you living day by day? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you are living, what you could be doing better, and how you live in the moment. Please leave me a comment! Happy Monday everyone and to everyone local and on school break-hope you have a great week off.


Slowing down


with time

being present



Realizing that

some things are

out of my control

letting go

of expectations

Learning to breathe

and wait

and work with what I can

and be content with what I have

Knowing that

rushing isn’t the way

I want to live my life

nor busy to the point of exhaustion

Patience is showing

love and kindness

to yourself

and others around you