I’m holding on to a hope that I will not have to drive anyone anywhere this morning. I’m holding on to a hope that everyone will make their respective busses and all will go right in my writing recliner this morning. I contemplated getting up 30 minutes earlier this morning since last weeks writing time went sideways on most days. I hope you all had a nice weekend and a nice Passover or Easter. Now that it’s Monday, I can reflect back on my Saturday and not be overwhelmed by it, but instead it can be my Monday musing.

It’s been awhile since the fire life has interrupted the best laid plans. So long in fact that I was blindsided by it. The best laid plans for Saturday were to divide and conquer. If you are not a parent of two or more children, divide and conquer means that you each get a kid (or more) and get them to where they need to go because they need to go in different directions either at the same time or overlapping times. To divide and conquer is an impossibility for one person alone. I was that one person. I was alone. When Friday night came along and it was looking possible that he was going to get held for the day, I began to make plans as if he would just be held for the 24. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than unprepared. I was not pleasantly surprised on Saturday morning. I thought about cancelling plans. I thought about throwing in the towel. I thought about all the places and all the things and all the ways and all the driving and all the plans. And then I stopped thinking about it and I just did it. Why? Because that’s what I knew I needed to do. I knew I needed to be available and to be present and to be mom. I had my ducks in a row. Everyone was assigned their role for the day. Child numero uno would be with me for the entirety, child number 2 would be in charge of child number 3 until child number three got picked up to go to my friends house and shortly thereafter child number 2 would get picked up by another friend to get a ride to basketball, where I would meet them to watch the game. Things did not go perfectly. The basketball game was almost 2 hours away from the track meet we went to watch. Chipotle was out of chips. I ate a banana for lunch. The gas station was closed and I was down to 17 miles on the highway. I missed the first basketball game. It was a long day. But what is perfect anyway? Maybe a perfect day is just being able to roll with the punches that come our way. Maybe perfect is singing in the car with my teenager to Tracy Chapman at 8pm after we’ve been together for 12 hours. Maybe perfect is getting fast food for dinner and my teenagers being thankful for that. Maybe perfect is a 13-year-old just being happy you showed up for the second game and got him a Gatorade. Maybe perfect is getting home and watching tv with the youngest who I hadn’t seen all day. Maybe perfect is a good night of sleep after a very tiring day. Maybe perfect is having friends who help in carrying the weight of a busy day by helping to care for your kids. Maybe perfect is just being thankful when hubby got home Easter morning. I am perfectly flawed. I am perfectly loved. Happy Monday and a Happy Gotcha Day to our April Mae!

Day 8- A Homograph Poem

I parked at the park

and I saw a saw

that was blue and being used

to cut down a tree and that made me feel blue

because a novel idea for a sunny day was

to sit under that tree and read a novel but

now the tree is being cut down

and I’m not sure whether to stay and watch

so I glance at my watch and

see that I’m running out of time so

I decide to skip it and instead skip to the train

so I can go to the gym to train

for the race

that I don’t want to miss,

Day 9 A Number Poem

My first attempt failed

and my second as well

if my third doesn’t work

I might say farewell

I don’t like to give up

but I also don’t like to lose

keep trying or quit

which one should I choose

they say third times a charm

so here goes it all

maybe four times a charm too

I can’t seem to recall

five is my lucky number

it’s my time to shine

if I miss again on six

I might start to whine

seven is coming fast

and it might just be my last

but now that I’ve surpassed

the tries I wish to count

I guess I will keep trying

no matter the amount.

Day 10 How to…

How to Run, Away

Find something that scares you

and turn around

and run

as fast as you can

to get away