Stress is a beast. It can manifest itself in different ways. I believe one can be stressed and not even realize they are stressed. For example. I didn’t realize my level of stress until I thought, “why does my jaw hurt?” Well, my jaw hurts because I’m clenching my teeth. Why am I clenching my teeth? I guess I am stressed. I had a hefty to do list yesterday (that only got half done) but my only goal was to be mindful of my mouth. Do you know how weird it is to focus on the position of your tongue? Yes, I paid attention to the position of my tongue all day, making sure it was at the roof of my mouth or that my mouth was open, both of which prevent grinding or clenching. Leaving my mouth open is surely what is making my lips chapped, but I have chap stick so I guess for the time being I have to choose which is worse, chapped lips or an aching jaw.

Stress is a beast and if we let it, it can affect our physical and mental health. Here is a list of ways to deal with and manage stress on this Truth for Tuesday…

1- Pray

2- Talk to someone about it

3- Ask for help and accept help

4- Do something you enjoy, read a book, watch a movie, get some fresh air

5- Do one thing at a time, and don’t be five steps ahead in your mind

6- Practice deep breathing

7- Don’t over commit or overschedule

8- Have or create healthy boundaries

9- If something isn’t working in your daily schedule, change it

10- Do something physical to boost your endorphins- whether it is a run, walk, or another form on exercise that you enjoy.

Poem a Day Challenge Day 11- A Form Poem- Acrostic

From the pen of a poet

On whether to use form or not

Really doesn’t

Matter as long as you write from the heart.