Day 3. It was hard to get up today. I almost talked myself into pressing snooze. But I didn’t. Yesterday I hit a wall a little earlier and still had a little driving around to do. I made it though! The sun is up, the sky is blue, one teenager is out the door, one is drying his hair, and one tween is still in bed (though I need to get up from the writing recliner in 4 minutes to wake that child). Child is up, munching and crunching cereal at the table. The dog is standing and staring at me, which is kind of a big distraction and I only have 8 minutes left to write. Oh good, now she’s laying down and staring at me, surely she wants breakfast.

Yesterday, ideas came to me as I went about my day. I had to stop and take my phone out to type them in my notepad so I wouldn’t forget and could revisit them later. I was kind of a time waster yesterday though. I was so proud of myself for getting my writing done in the morning and crossing it off my list that when I had time again later to write, I chose to scroll instead and I don’t even know why. I suppose we never really know why though when we find ourselves doing that, it’s just so addicting. It’s funny too though because I had thoughts and I had ideas. I wish I could take that time back and write that poem or song I was thinking about. Maybe it will cross my mind again today, though I will have to find the time if it does. Ok, the dog is done staring at me as I got child numero tres to feed her. It’s funny how selective my kids hearing is(not just him). I can tell my kids to do a chore and they “didn’t hear me” or “forgot” but I just asked Logan to feed April and he not only scooped her food but went through my routine with her, “paw, other paw, all the kisses, ok April.” A good reminder, little eyes are always watching. I need to write fast now as a teenager may need a ride, I guess I can’t call it a distraction as I’ve now gone over my allotted writing time. Oh good, he just walked out the door… To save you from a continued stream of consciousness, today I wrote a poem to fill the rest of my blog and my writing time.

In the Writer’s Room

In the writer’s room

I wait

I wait for the words

to come

to write something meaningful

something beautiful

I wait for the words

to come

and it’s hard to wait

for words

hard to wait for anything

hard to know which words

are the right words

And when the words come,

where will they go?

If I don’t write them

right away-they will be gone

But there are many directions

to go and so many decisions

to make

and many distractions

none of that matters

if I don’t have the words

to write

Which is a funny thing

because we live in a world

where words are not few

or far between and are

often unecessary even

To get words from my

brain out of my fingertips

from pen to paper

now the words are few

and far between in a

brain that buzzes all

day with words

but they escape me

when I pick up my pen

So I sit and wait

for the right words to write

in the writer’s room