Well, I did it. Here I am and earlier today than yesterday. I have to be out of the house earlier today to volunteer at my youngest son’s school for a few hours so I had to decide if I should scrap this time, cut it shorter or start earlier. I decided to start earlier. To my most pleasant surprise, I got right out of bed with my alarm. Maybe it was because my hubby had already pressed snooze on his alarm twice in the half hour prior, so my body was already out of that deep slumber. Mu hubby got up half hour after me after setting his alarm for a half hour before mine and when he came out into the living room (distraction number 1) he asked why I was up so early. Because it is my only time to write today was my reply. And instead of feeling bitter about that like I could, I kind of feel empowered by it. Even though I woke up before the sun yesterday, I was fully energized for the day, and I don’t think tired really hit me until about 9 last night which was awesome. So, this is my day 2. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, right? 28 to go then.

Yesterday a friend texted me about an ailment she’s been experiencing and the anxiety it is causing. Truth is, if you google any ailment, you are likely to see cancer pop up as the cause (distraction number 2-cue teenager and YouTube in the kitchen). My response, because she is a dear, wonderful friend was, “even if it is cancer, God is faithful.” She agreed. I was walking a dog at the time and went on to tell her that whenever I’m walking dogs in the woods I wonder if we will get attacked by coyotes. Her response, “even if you get attacked by coyotes God is faithful.” Yes, yes, yes! I laughed. God is so good for giving me this kind of friend. But I can think of a million even if statements and the end result of all of them would be, God is faithful.

Even if we can’t pay our bills, God is faithful.

Even if we lose our jobs, God is faithful.

Even if we experience illness, God is faithful.

Even if a friend disappoints us, God is faithful.

Even if our children make bad choices, God is faithful.

Even if nothing seems to be going right, God is faithful.

Even if stress and anxiety feel too big to handle, God is faithful.

Even if things don’t go our way, God is faithful.

Even if…

There is no even if too great for my God. Last week, I woke up one day and instantly this stress and anxiety took over me in this problem I saw happening. It wasn’t an end of the world problem. My head was making it bigger than it was. I fixated on it, tried to fix it with my own human hands, and indeed I did, But the result was this, I caused myself a great deal of anxiety over it and I wasted precious time that I should have been using in other ways that I could not make up for later in my day. Do you know what happened about an hour later? God took care of it. He provided for a need that I forced. He took care of a need that I decided I needed to take care of on my own. As soon as I saw how he provided, I said out loud, God provides. He did, and he is faithful. So, since God is always good and he is faithful, why do I worry? Because I am human. But in my humanness, I’m trying really hard, every hour of every day to have faith and to trust and to remember that even in my even ifs, God is faithful.

No Coyotes on this walk, but doesn’t this look like a great place to reflect on God’s faithfulness…

For his faithful love to us is great; the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Hallelujah! Psalms 117:2

Your faithfulness is for all generations; you established the earth, and it stands firm. Psalms 119:90

For your faithful love is as high as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches the clouds. Psalms 57:10