1-The bottom of my pants may get wet in the rain but I’m the last to feel the rain.

2-Staying on the theme of clothes, my pants may be too long but it is easier to hem pants, skirt, dresses than it is to make them longer.

3-When I have to ask for help reaching something it causes me to be more social.

4-I am the least likely to hit my head on a low ceiling.

5-When in a crowd, I never get lost or separated from my people because they always hang on to me.

6-I can easily spot my people just by looking up.

7-The sense of victory you feel when you climb to reach something and don’t fall.

8-Us short people can be deceptively tough!

9-I can fit into places that tall people can’t.

10-When 50 Cent comes on the radio, even if it’s not my birthday, I feel like I should party like it’s my birthday.

11-It will never be my head that gets cut off in pictures!