“This world is not made for short people,” was the thought that crossed my mind as I climbed into my rental car this afternoon. Kenny looked at me and asked if the car was ok. I shrugged and told him it would be fine, I can handle his truck, I can handle this giant SUV. Ok, the SUV isn’t really giant, but it is bigger than my minivan. But then I drove home… Confirmation that this world is not made for short people and this SUV wasn’t either. The side mirrors are terrible. You must have to be a giant to drive this giant and be able to see over and around these mirrors. I pulled up to my house and shouted, “these mirrors aren’t even proportionate to this car.” Kenny looked at me funny, which then made me question out loud if I was proportionate…

So, as I drove around town tonight, I pondered all the ways that this world is not made for short people…

1-Deep couches make me look like I am 5. Unless I sit criss, cross, apple sauce, my legs dangle and my feet fall asleep.

2- I need tongs or a step stool to reach things in the top cabinet in the kitchen or the top shelf in the closet.

3- High ceilings make everything higher. I have been in bathrooms where I can only see my forehead in the mirror and I am 5’0.

4- It is not easy to shop for pants, dresses, or skirts.

5- High top tables and stools-no explanation necessary!

6- Tall snow boots hit right below the knee making it difficult to bend at the knee, walk, and drive.

7- As my favorite history teacher asked me for my 16th birthday, “how will you be able to reach the pedals when you’re sitting on all the phone books that will enable you to see over the steering wheel?”

I feel like I had more reasons earlier. Stay tuned tomorrow when I come back and tell you all the positive things about being short.

In the meantime, if you are vertically challenged, I would love to read your comments of how this world is not made for short people.