A poem to end writer’s block…

I wish my creative time was earlier in the day

Retraining my brain is met with much dismay

As I rub the sleep from my eyes,

“I need more time,” my body cries

But as I move from bed to couch

careful I am not to slouch

I can’t get to comfortable

or I will doze

And that will keep me from writing prose

Or perhaps a story or blog will spring to mind

Who knows what my brain will find

when I sit down to write, no matter the day or time

My thoughts usually, come out in rhyme

What really matters though is, that I get my thoughts out

Sometimes I fight the urge, only to experience a drought.

When all my musings go poof and disappear,

leaving me blocked, lost, and unclear…

For all need air and water to survive

But a writer needs to write to thrive

So be it early morning or late at night

I’m a writer and I need to write.