The time change is doing it’s work once again, performing a number on my mind, body, and soul. I’m not trying to complain, so I hope you, my faithful readers don’t misunderstand me, especially in this wonderful month of thanks and giving, but yesterday it suddenly got real cold, it’s getting dark super early, I’m tired, and some days I feel like I want to cry-for legit no reason at all. I’m seasonally affected to say the least. I know I am not alone in this either. Many people around here are, and while I’d like to slap a big happy face on it, I also want to be honest about it so other’s will not only know where I’m at, but also know they are not alone if they are struggling in this way. If you are struggling with these short, cold, dark days, you are not alone. There are many ways to cope with feeling seasonally affected. I’ve compiled a list of things that I do below. I would love to hear how you handle these long, winter days so please leave me a comment below or on Facebook or Instagram.

1-Get outside when the sun is out, no matter how cold, no matter how short of a time. Just get outside and get that sunshine.

2-Move your body. Whether it is out in nature, at the gym, or doing a home work out, regular daily exercise helps.

3- Take a vitamin d supplement. Most people are deficient in vitamin d all year round, it gets worse during the winter.

4-Get a light therapy lamp. My wonderful, fabulous, smart sister got me one a few years ago when I mentioned feeling this way. Just a few minutes a day can make a difference.

5-Try to stick to a regular schedule and routine, especially if you’re more tired than usual. A good night of sleep is so important.

6-Eat well. Even though your body may be craving that Halloween candy at breakfast, lunch, and dinner (mine has been craving peanut butter cups), you’re not doing yourself any favors. Eat your sweet treat but don’t forget about all the fruits, veggies, complex carbs, and protein that your body needs to keep going.

7-Stay hydrated.

8-Find some things that make you happy and that you enjoy doing. For me it’s writing, reading, running, doing a puzzle, playing a game, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, crafting, listening to music, cooking, and baking.

9-Stay connected. Text, call, write a letter, send an email.

10-Go out. Even though you want to hibernate right now (I’m talking to myself) get out of your space and go do something.

11-Embrace this season. Today I am thankful that this season doesn’t last forever. I’m thankful that even though God doesn’t promise me tomorrow, that He is here with me through every twist and turn in this life.