I preface this post by saying that I originally wrote this on September 10, 2020 when we had a teenager in the house for the first time. Today, oh boy, today we have two teenagers. Since these two boys couldn’t be more different if they tried, I copied and pasted some of the original post for the new teenager and also added(and subtracted too).

Today, we have a teenager. 1-3. TEENAGER!! I’m not sure where the years went. It feels like he was just handed to me after hours of laboring (which shouldn’t have happened because he was a planned c-section but decided to come 9 days early) and now he’s a teenager. I’ve been calling him that for several weeks now because everything about him has been screaming TEENAGER! From his continual growth spurt to his pitchy voice. He was my clinger who has suddenly become a flier. All birthdays are special, but his has so much emotion behind it for me. Because being born 9 days early, the same day as his twin cousin Jedidiah, marked the beginning of the end of my mom’s battle with cancer. Instead of snuggles on the couch in the comfort of our home, we bounced between hospital lobbies and hotel rooms. Instead of rocking him to sleep in my glider, we sat in the basement of a funeral home picking out her casket. To say that Evan and I have a special bond is an understatement, and while he will never have any memory of those first three weeks of his life, I think it not only impacted our relationship but also helped form him in the person he is today. So today in honor of my baby boy’s birthday, 13 years on this earth- here are 13 characteristics of my 13-year-old and 13 wishes for him.

1-Smart-he’s got a brain for math, that I just can’t understand. 2-Compassionate-He is always the helper. He knows more of our neighbors than I do and he is always willing and ready to talk or listen.3-Empathetic-Some people are born empathetic, some need to be taught. He was born with it and he reads people so well. 4-Driven-He wanted a dog, so he worked his butt off to earn the money to adopt one. He loves basketball so he practices for hours a day. Nobody is telling him to do it, his drive is amazing. 5-Handsome-That hair in that 1970’s, feathered, Patridge Family look just melts me. 6-Athletic.7-Funny-He’s got a great sense of humor. 8-Good Cook-Not only is he a good cook, but he loves to do it. 9-Adventurous eater-he is far more willing to try new things than his brothers or even his dad.10-Best brother-as the only boy in the house that gets to be a big and a little, he’s great at both of these roles. 11-Good friend. 12-Responsable-For a long time I worried his forgetfulness would drive me crazy, and while he is still pretty forgetful, he is also very responsible and trustworthy. 13-Introvert-While he enjoys hanging out with friends, he is also great at being alone. He is quiet and doesn’t command attention.

13 wishes for Evan

1- That you will reach for your dreams and not be afraid. 2- That you will have a knowledge, love, and deep trust in God. 3- That you work hard in all that you do. 4- That you would not be negatively influenced by your peers but instead that you would have a positive impact on those around you. 5- That you would go into any situation with a positive attitude. 6- That you will take ownership of mistakes and learn from them. 7- That you will surround yourself with people with love you. 8- That you will walk with God and develop a strong faith. 9- That you wouldn’t wish away your youth. 10- That you never try to be someone that you’re not. 11- That you would grow into a man of great character. 12- That you will never stop making us laugh. 13- That you will enjoy your 13th year