Over the years, we have adapted to celebrating holidays differently when Kenny’s shift falls on it. This summer we are doing that for birthdays. He hasn’t missed many birthdays, thankfully, so this year we just chose to celebrate differently. Sometimes I wonder if it is harder on me because I have this idea set in my head of the way life is supposed to look. All of those perfections and ideals are just false, and I’m working on it, day by day, slowly but surely. So this year, instead of giving Logan one day to celebrate turning 11, we are giving him many days. Knowing that Kenny would be gone today (as is Christopher) we celebrated with a birthday dinner and ice cream on Saturday. Today, on Logan’s actual birthday, the plan was for Evan to make him breakfast, to go to the fire house to open his gift and then do a surprise trip to his new favorite Lego shop. Well, we got the breakfast part in, but had to flip our day when a training interrupted our plan. We all just rolled with it. Logan had a twinge of disappointment at first, but my job as fire wife/ fire mom is to teach my kids how to be flexible with the inevitable curve balls thrown our way. So quick on my feet(which I usually am not) I told him I had a surprise trip planned (which we weren’t going to reveal until after his gift) that we would just have to do first. Later on, he got to play with a friend, and finally, right before dinner, we finally made it to the fire house to give him his gift.

I’m so incredibly thankful to God for making me the mom of this boy. He amazes me every day and I just cannot fathom that he is 11!! Logan is kind, sweet, funny, smart, creative, and handsome. He loves to play, read, and watch any screen he can. He has surprised us this year with a love for karate and competing in two tournaments. He has more perseverance than anyone I know. And sometimes he is so quick witted that we cannot believe the things that come out of him. Though sometimes he can drive me bonkers with his quirks, like the limited number of foods he will actually eat, or his insane addiction to screens, I love this kid to the moon and back and just cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him. I know he will have to continue to work 1000% harder than his peers, but he has it in him and he will always have our unconditional love and support.