Sometimes a bridge is just a bridge

A road or a path to cross

Sometimes a bridge is metaphorical

For what we have to gain or what in our life is a loss

No matter if this bridge is real

Or only exists in your mind

Standing at a crossroads, can leave you in a bind

A bridge is a connection

A road from here to there

Some go across and don’t give a care

Others are more hesitant

Wondering what’s on the other side

Staying put often seems like a good place to hide

What are we looking for

On the other side of yonder?

That is a thought that everyone must ponder

Is crossing over taking a risk

Or is it running away?

Depends on what you’re running to

Or from, is what some might say

Perhaps the bridge is an obstacle

Haphazardly thrown into your path

What do we do when these things come?

Do we cry or do we laugh?

Much like life is this bridge

And all it represents

Do we stay or do we cross

When we battle discontent

But a bridge in all its glory

Can still be just a bridge

Connecting one from here to there

If even by just a smidge

A bridge needs stability,

To be structurally sound,

An anchor securely in place

No danger to be found

Across any body of water

Some small, some really great

Over highways and railroad tracks

Can lead you to your fate

Are we securely anchored and stable?

Are we structurally sound?

Or are we lost souls

Waiting to be found

So, whether you need to cross a bridge

Be it real or just pretend

Your story isn’t over

The bridge is not the end

Maybe it’s a beginning

A start to something new

Whatever it is in this life

Relax, take in the view

Of the beauty of this structure

It really is quite a sight

Adorning most cityscapes

Lighting up the night.

One of my favorite prints, reminding me of my old home.