As a busy mom, managing all the schedules of all the things, the primary doer of all the things, the primary person who is always 100% on, as busy moms, we tend to just do, without a thought to much else. This week, I hurt my back, and the thought occurred to me, that ohmygosh, I knew how much I was responsible for but I didn’t really think about how much I was responsible for until I could not longer be responsible for it. Does that make any sense? Like all of a sudden I’m thrust into self care mode so I don’t further injure myself, but then I realize that bending down to empty the dishwasher, carrying a load of laundry, picking up a sock from the floor are all of a sudden things that at the moment I can’t do. Brain explosion moment right? But then the rubber meets the road, because I am not superhuman, I am just a human, a 40 year old human, who can now be in pain all week from not falling, but simply twisting in a way my body didn’t prefer to keep myself from falling. Perhaps I would have been less hurt if I actually fell? But alas, I’ll never know. So what does a mere human, a do all the things mom, do when she can’t do all the things? Well, aren’t you glad I asked? The rubber meets the road is where I see that I am not superhuman and that even mom has a choice to make. 1- I can ask for help, 2-I can ignore the problem and carry on as usual, 3- I can let things go and accept that it will get done at a later time. Which one would you choose? I chose 1 and 3. It doesn’t happen very often that the fire life schedule works out in my favor, but it just so happened to this week when I needed help the most and my injury fell(my injury fell, not me, haha) on day 3 of his 5 days off. For two days he hung around the house with me, walked with me and drove the boys everywhere they needed to be. He made the meals and did the dishes and helped with homework so I could ice and rest.(Have I thanked you today babe? Thank you for taking care of me. Love you) When he went to work today, I asked my three totally able bodied boys to help and they did. I chose rest to prevent further injury. Yesterday I leaned over to help bag some trash and my back spasmed. Today I did not make that mistake again. Rest, ice, motrin, muscle rub, walks, repeat. It does not make anyone weak to ask for help. It does not make anyone weak to admit they need help. It does not make anyone weak to accept help. I see you moms and I know you. You would be the first one out the door to help another mom-sick, injured, overwhelmed, anything. You are a crazy bunch of compassionate, loving, beautiful people. But we were not made to walk this life alone. Let your spouse help, let your kids help, let your friends help. Though sometimes we may go through seasons of loneliness in this life, we are never alone. Do you need help this week? Do you know someone who needs help this week? Let’s stop hiding our needs as weaknesses and share them so we can strengthen one another with love.

I would love to hear how your week is going, feel free to leave a comment below!

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