Are we having fun yet? I overheard my boys saying how quarantine is fun for the first few days-they are clearly over it now. Evan put his chromebook away tonight without being told-apparently he has watched all of youtube this week. I ran around like a crazy person-this way and that-dragged my rear down to the beach for another cold run-and after a ton of texts, emails, and phone calls-I decided it was a good afternoon for a Hallmark movie.

Quarantine sucks. But-ya know what? It is forcing me to slow down, it is forcing me to smile, laugh, and choose fun. I mean-I don’t have the vocal range of Mariah or Whitney and I sure don’t dance like Britney-but I am spending this week making the most of the current situation.
I know many people are stuck at home right now as Covid is once again on the rise-but friends-take heart-we will all get through this-one day at a time.