Today I learned several things…

1-Watching Dawson’s Creek first thing in the morning is a bad idea. It sucked me in and my heart broke right along with Joey’s, just like it does every time I rewatch Dawson’s Creek-don’t judge…

2- Being home with quarantined people is very different than being home with quarantined sick people. Taking care of everyone, making meals, taking care of dishes, taking temperatures, keeping track of temperatures and medications, running errands, making sure everyone is comfortable, spending time with the one child who is well, etc is all consuming.

3- Hangry is a real condition-tomorrows goal is to remember to eat. I learned I can’t properly care for my people if I don’t also care for myself.

4- Sprints in the cold is easier on my lungs than distance.

5- I appreciate all the little errands Kenny normally offers to do whenever he is home-lowes, hardware store, grocery store, bank, etc. Thanks babe for always being willing to get up and go.

6- Music is a mood lifter and spirit booster… A Very Boy Band Holiday and A MIchael Buble Christmas Special segued nicely into my very own Disney sing a long while making dinner. Coyote Ugly is an excellent soundtrack for washing dishes-don’t judge… Tomorrow needs more music in it.

7- Parenting fails can indeed be funny.

8- Being able to sing at the top of your lungs, dance in the kitchen, be silly with your kids, and laugh at yourself are all good for the soul.

9- Starting and ending my day with Jesus is everything.