There were many adventures to be had over the long weekend for Labor Day. We started out with a much needed date night(thanks Dad) and adventured to Plymouth where we set out on a sunset cruise on the Pilgrim Belle. It was a gorgeous night with a completely unobstructed view of the sunset over Plymouth Harbor behind Bug Light(which I will never not hear Bud Light when someone says Bug Light). We listened to great music and got to just spend time together. Time which has been hard/almost impossible to come by. Time which is so necessary to invest into our relationships, but something that I think we do often take for granted, especially in the busyness of raising kids, working, and just generally having a full schedule. I’m so glad we took Friday evening to reconnect, that it wasn’t all about the kids or all about work, but that it was more about us. After all, back in the day, when we were young(er) and so in (puppy)love, it was all about investing time in the other person, and wanting to spend every second together. I think part of my new adventure is discovering that again and investing time to make that a priority. After our cruise we tried a new restaurant for dinner where we got to sit outside and continue to enjoy one another’s company.
On Sunday, our new adventure took us to New Hampshire to Canobie Lake Park to meet up with some friends for the day. The weather was perfectly overcast for a day in an amusement park(perfection-I hate being hot). Some of us were willing to try new things, while others were not-but I’m happy to report that I got on a rollercoaster for the first time in a long time and had myself 1 minute and 59 seconds of adventure. My seat partner(Christopher) was lacking in amusement to my reactions to this ride-oh well teenager-just another day of embarrassing you!
I hope you are all having some kind of adventure-whether you are out and about or at home.
This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24