There have been no shortage of adventures around here. While the basement is all dried up, the floors are warped and our dryer bit the dust. We are now home to a pre-teen and a full blown teenager, and is ten considered a tween because my baby is wondering when he can take himself to the bus stop and that is not ok and also not happening anytime soon! I have been on a mission to purge and organize our home as after school sports has left us with less free time than we are used to so learning to manage our time well and manage our home well has been quite the job.
During my alone time I have been doing some writing projects, running, and planning my next adventure. I find it incredibly hard to talk/write about my projects. As a writer(which I also struggle to say), I have always been able to hide behind a computer or a notebook. The thought of owning my work, makes this introvert want to run for the hills. But for my next adventure-this introvert is coming out of hiding. Last year I did something I had thought about doing for a long time. I took my poems and put them on cards. And now, now that I have all this ”time” on my hands, I have decided that this is how I want to spend my time. I would like to introduce you to …

Cari’s Creations

Original poems on handmade cards

and other gifts, made to order

I am really excited to share my cards, poetry and more with you!

The Fruit Of The Spirit Collection