Last Thursday marked the end of another school year, a school year unlike any other, for my family and for all families. Everyone’s normal looked a little different this year but one thing that is the same is that we all made it through.
In September I made a giant leap out of my comfort zone and embarked on a year of homeschooling Evan and Logan. I had great big plans. They would learn all of the things and we would take the classroom with us to all places and I would blog about our year and everything would be rainbows and butterflies like the world of Rainbow Brite and The Care Bears. Some days were fantastic. Some days we got through all of the things on my lesson plans, nobody cried or got frustrated and I knew how to teach the lessons. Other days were very much the opposite. All the while I questioned my decision fearing that I would ruin my children’s minds and undo all of the years of school they had done. When people asked how homeschool was going I usually answered with, “I just hope they will be ready for school next year.” But through it all we kept going. We made new friends, we read a lot of books, we worked on cursive, did a lot of math, dabbled in science, read a lot of history, took many homeschool hikes through the woods, watched documentaries and so much more. I watched their interests grow in certain areas and probably my favorite thing is that I learned their learning styles and what gets them going.
Meanwhile in the land of public school, Christopher completed the 7th grade with outstanding grades. He excelled in science and it showed as he came home just a few weeks ago declaring his final project was on the general theory of relativity and time dilation. He has independently taken on all he can to learn more and more about science. He began playing eukelele in music, has a newfound love for volleyball and overall had a great year.

And now as we begin our first full week of summer vacation, I can breathe. I mean I still have to turn in homeschool reports and submit emergency cards for re enrolling for the fall. However-this chapter in our lives is over for now. It was never meant to be permanent-which is hard for this over thinker who doesn’t love change. But we did it-we all did it. Here’s to new beginnings and all the promises tomorrow has for us all.

Happy Summer!