It has been about two and a half years since Logan first broke his arm. Just about two years since he broke it for the second time. As we drove to the orthopedics office yesterday for our second follow up post surgery, two years of memories flooded my mind. The call from the school nurse, the drive to the hospital after the ambulance took him, the loopiness from anesthesia, the endless amounts of x-rays and casts… And then when he broke it again-the stress, the waiting, the unknown, the peace that washed over me when I cried out to God and He told me, Great is Thy Faithfulness. Yes because even if it is broken again, God is still good and He still has a plan. His plan-which reminds me that His plan is not my plan. His plans and His ways are always better.
I remember so many of these events so vividly that thinking about them sometimes chokes me up and makes me cry. As I recounted some of these memories on our drive yesterday-I stopped myself before my vision got too blurry from tears and I turned around to Logan and told him, “ya know what I think? I think you are strong.” For all the tears I cried-that kid only cried a fraction of the tears. Nothing stops him. He has made the most of every situation that has ever been handed to him whether he has even realized it or not. And yesterday we were released from the care of our orthopedic doctor with no restrictions and a word of advice. Be careful! God had so many lessons for me in all of this. For our whole family. Though it was hard to see it in the moment as it always is, I can look back now and be thankful for that time in our lives.