Today is Wednesday. Monday was a bust-from my Pinterest project to our attitudes-I was ready to re-enroll my people back in school! Yesterday was much better. I feel like Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Some days are just like that. Some days just suck. But that doesn’t mean that every day does. It doesn’t define our lives or our families. God’ grace and mercy gave us another day-not for a do over-but to just try again.
Yesterday, I did school with Evan and Logan separately. It was great. It was peaceful. It was not chaotic or stressful. It is also probably not sustainable for every day life-so before I go and make yet another schedule-I’m thinking about trying to school them separately maybe once a week-where time permits. Separately allowed me to teach Evan a new math concept without interruptions and that felt awesome. It felt even more awesome to see the wheels turning in his head as he investigated these math problems. Separately allowed me to work at Logan’s pace and not feel pressured to move on because Evan was ready. I feel like I’ll be learning and changing every day this year-but that’s ok.

Last time I blogged I talked about our family time. I’m definitely forcing it a lot more this week. With a teenager in the house-he wants to spend less and less time with us and every waking second doing Rubik’s cubes-pretty great brain activity-but solitary none the less. After our last game night was a bust, Monday night we played a candy corn stacking game and then everyone could eat their candy corn during a game of UNO. We have never played UNO all together before. It was the longest game ever!! But as my 90’s alternative rock was playing in the background on Spotify-I felt complete and content. I think we all had fun.

Yesterday-knowing that we were about to have some rainy days ahead and that we would not have a field trip this week-forced a family hike. There were some attitudes-people wanted to do other things. But I keep remembering what my hubby said after our initial game night debacle when I looked at him crestfallen and said, “I don’t think we should play games anymore.” He looked at me and said, “we have to.” So despite the bad attitudes in the car, pushing aside the fact that every part of me wanted to give in and just go home-for the peace of it all-we found a parking spot and trekked through the woods into what turned out to be a pretty cool spot. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay long at that point-but now we know where to explore more next time. And best of all-we left in better moods than we arrived in.

Now I’m off to start some school soon. I don’t know what will happen today or how much will get accomplished. I don’t know who will push back or who will roll their eyes(although I could guess).But I do know that God has given me this day and He is with me through all of it.