Home school life is…

Switching around the schedule constantly to see what works and what doesn’t to fit everyone’s needs and to keep my own sanity.

Second guessing basically every decision I make and wondering-if/when my kids go back next year if they will be prepared.


Asking if they would talk to a real teacher in that tone.

Pushing through when it is hard.

Taking a break when I/we need it.

Fun Pinterest projects gone right or gone horribly wrong!

Lessons in real life and not just academics.

Field trips/day trips/life experience.

Successes and Failures.

Exploring interests.

Working at your own pace.

Homeschool life is real life. Not a 9-3 set schedule. A give and take. A do it later if the sun is shining and it’s 70 in November. Homeschool life is life, happening around the clock. It is messy and confusing and beautiful and crazy and full of blessings(except when it doesn’t feel like it) all at the same time!

Lately-it has been all of this. All of this. We have had our ups and downs. I have had moments where I just want to Hallmark(yeah-I made it into a verb this year and I’m pretty proud of that!). I have taught math-they have learned math(huge accomplishment-not that they learned it-but that I could teach it). We have explored the woods pretty regularly. We have taken a few more field trips. We are continuing to work on life skills(daily chores, cooking, cleaning, caring for the cats, etc.) I hope they are learning. I know I am. I am learning from my friends who have gone before me on this journey and I am learning from friends who are new like me to all of this.

I am working on flexibility-constantly. I am working on giving grace. We are all a work in progress. A friend told me recently that she used to fight the seasons changing and now she embraces it. I love that. What a beautiful life that is to look for the gifts in each season rather than longing for the next or the last. So here I am-I’m embracing this season of life in all the mess and the chaos and the noise. And hopefully while I learn to live in the moments of loud-my soul will find a quiet place to enjoy peace, joy, and contentment.