I’ve been meaning to get on here for awhile-but the time has slipped away from me each day and night. We have found a new rhythm here and I think it’s going well. I decided a few weeks ago that what I was trying to accomplish with my kids in a day was too much and that it didn’t need to be that way. Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying a more relaxed pace. We have discovered new hobbies(clay) and we are enjoying old ones(lots of reading). Pinterest is my new favorite thing and I’m actually doing things that I pin(wahoo!). Logan and I are working through some old workbooks while Evan has started some new math concepts(which meant I had to relearn some math concepts to teach him). We have been focusing a lot on fine motor skills, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, and math. We are all enjoying our Nature class with home school friends on Fridays and I was super happy this morning that I was organized enough for us to get some work in before we left for nature class and I think they were happy too since it was our first math game Friday in a long time!

One of my favorite things about this crazy year-is that we are being more intentional about our family time and are taking family field trips once a week. This has been a huge blessing. In the past-we would do stuff occasionally/seasonally-but now-when the weekend rolls around and we are all home- it’s been great to get in the car and explore. Since the last time I wrote we have been apple picking and to the pumpkin patch. Tomorrow we will head to one of our favorite places-Purgatory Chasm.
Not all days are easy. Some days I feel like I’m walking through mud or quick sand and the mornings just drag on forever. Some days I get a load of tween eye rolls and complaining. At least a few days a week-I’m reminding the teenager to do his chores, practice cursive, do your Spanish, play your violin, do your laundry, clean up your room all while trying not to sound like the biggest nag on the planet. And then there’s Logan-he will be a tween before I know it-so I’m trying desperately to cherish this sweet spot he’s in at 9 years old because 11 so far is no picnic. While he’s the sweetest-his special needs do present extra challenges for both of us and definitely some exhaustion for me as I work one on one with him through most things. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though-and I hope and pray he comes out of this year accomplishing much. He is so close to meeting his first OT goal that we set for him of riding a bike without training wheels!!
Well, I suppose that’s all for now. Be well and thanks for reading!