The end of last week was a little wonky to say the least. After the ten minute storm that knocked the power down for 24 hours and then the water got shut off to replace the fire hydrant in the front yard-I called it a day! School on Thursday was me reading a chapter to the boys in bounders and staring out the window as the workers dug a giant hole.

The long weekend brought beautiful weather, apple picking, flag football, and a hike with friends.

Although part of me wanted to do school yesterday-on the holiday-I desperately needed a day to plan-and felt That yet again-we needed a new plan. I quite like how today went though and am hoping the rest of the week is more of the same. This time around I’m going for less intense, less learning from screens, less is more.

We got a later start this morning but it was such a rainy day that it didn’t really matter. We got our typical morning stuff done(devotions and chores) and then moved on to OT(which they both enjoyed), a lesson on nouns, I introduced vocabulary/spelling words and we kicked it old school and did a lesson on using the dictionary (the writer and reader in me loved this hard core!), we did math from workbooks, practiced piano, did some reading and then after lunch did a fun science craft with friends on the phases of the moon. Evan even got an added science lesson at the eye doctor on the difference between near sighted and far sighted and all other things eye ball related! His eyes are great-near sighted and all.

This new normal is still so new. I feel like I might blink and they will be back in the school building next year. The future seems so uncertain right now-but I know that my hope is in God-the creator of the universe. He is the only true source of peace in an uncertain world.