Happy Sunday. In the event that you are reading this and you do not live in New England, it is raining again. I feel like that’s all I write about lately. Either, oh, it’s raining again, or, yay, the sun came out today! So any blogging topics would be happily welcomed at this point.

When I woke up this morning and saw that the rain wasn’t coming until the afternoon I figured I should get up and get people outside. It’s funny because my goals for parenting aren’t terribly different now than they were when my boys were little. 1-Keep children safe. 2-Run them and wear them out! I think I’ve said this before, but my days now really do mirror my life when my kids were toddler/pre-school age, and most of the time the behaviors are pretty similar, except back then I would think, aww they are adorable, and now sometimes I catch myself thinking, wow, this is pretty idiotic behavior. Before you judge me, I’m not calling my kids idiots, just saying that sometimes their behavior is idiotic. But truth be told, this behavior does have the ability to entertain especially during these quarantine days. Last week I watched from the kitchen window as they attempted to jump over each other outside. Tonight’s slippery sock game was a riot to 2 brothers until the one doing the entertaining bashed his mouth into my ankle bone. Ouchie. Yesterday, Logan chased Christopher with a spray bottle and a baseball bat around the yard, and only got him to surrender when he threatened his rubber band ball. One of my favorites is when Christopher and Evan act like two old men. When they do this routine, it reminds me of the 2 old guys from the Muppets, hilarious! These are the moments I will remember.

Kenny worked overtime today, and we pray for his safety so much these days, it is at the front of all of our minds, but I am so thankful that he has been home more and is part of these moments, these silly, ridiculous, teachable moments. All we have is this moment today, and I’m so blessed to have these moments with these people, my family.

Be well.