OHMYGOSH THIS WEATHER! It is official, everyone I talked to today felt as blah as I did. But it is Monday and a new week and man this is hard! Now that we are all ready for the next 7 weeks of school at home(are we?) schedules are hanging up, our work spaces are ready(no they aren’t, it’s a mess everywhere!), and my people are totally happy to focus on their work and not play with their toys(umm… yeah, ok). So, I’ve read a bunch of blogs and posts and EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE and the best thing I have read overall is something I am trying to remind myself… Ready? My kids are not being home schooled, they are doing school at home. They have work from their teachers, they have meetings with their teachers, their teacher is not me. Yes, I have other things I am working with my kids on, yes, I am my kids primary teacher, yes I am sitting down and doing school one one with my 8 year old, I’m here for my 10 and 12 year old if they need me for anything(which they haven’t), but I am not the one preparing the lesson plans, I am not the one checking in with 18 students, I am not conducting zoom calls. What I need to do right now, is show up. I need to show up for my kids, be available to them, keep them on task as best as I can, manage the day as best as I can, but I am not home schooling my kids, I am doing school at home. Our day would look a lot different if I was home schooling, I applaud my friends who home school, you guys are amazing!

So as we continue the next 7 weeks of doing school at home, we will do the assigned work, we will read books, we will work on life skills, we will hopefully go outside in our yard a whole lot when the rain stops, we will watch movies, we will take pajama days and spend time together, and learn to give one another personal space(I’ll be working on a lesson plan for that one soon!), we will grow, we will pray for our friends, family, and everyone on the front lines. We will continue to show up and be there for one another. So whatever you are doing at home and however you are doing it, stop comparing your situation to someone else’s. Our kids are all different, they learn differently and they have different needs and they learn at different speeds. Let’s embrace this time to learn about our kids and learn a bit about ourselves. We got this-together.

Be well.