Things we need to remember…

To breathe.

That this will not go on forever.

That it is ok to have bad days.

That we are not in this alone.

We don’t need to do everything that everyone is posting on social media(online classes, crafts, etc-do what works for you and your family).

Don’t compare. Just don’t. Everybody is struggling. Everybody is facing this new reality. We will all do it differently, and there is no right way.

Everyone has their breaking point, figure out what works for you to keep you from getting there(running, yoga, a bubble bath, gardening, walking…)

No one will come out of this with identical stories.

To pray.

To praise.

It’s ok to wear sweatpants every day.

Move your body!

Eat the ice cream, eat the brownie. Enjoy it. Moderation.

Find your joy on the journey.

Call a friend. Text a friend. Write a letter. Facetime. Marco Polo. Stay connected.

Eat your fruits and veggies.

Get enough sleep.


Be creative.

Get into nature.

Enjoy a hobby, learn a new one.

God’s got this.

Be well!