Rain, rain, again?! For. The. Love. But April showers isn’t really that big of a surprise, we have just never experienced it in a pandemic before. When I woke up this morning I was super surprised to see the sun out and even more surprised when I checked the weather and saw that rain wasn’t rolling in until late morning. I told Evan and Logan that we were having a reverse school day and going outside first for as long as we could before it started raining. We took a bunch of laps around the block, I ran for the first time in years(an old love and stress reliever) and finished off by using the bounce back that a neighbor gifted us a few days ago.

After all of that fresh air I was able to jump on to a zoom meeting with my lovely bible study friends while Christopher was on his own zoom meeting and Evan and Logan had their screen time. It was really nice to be able to see and chat with these women of faith this morning. It really gave me the boost I needed for today.

After school work we were able to watch Lego Masters with some popcorn and just have a slow and relaxing afternoon. When it was over Evan asked 2 questions-can we watch something else(to which I said, no, go play) and what’s for dinner(It was 3pm). So I asked him what he was making, at which point he volunteered quesadillas, SOLD kid! I was thrilled when all three boys went to go do their own thing and I went to sit on my bed to make bracelets and catch up on my Marco Polo. It was a really nice afternoon.

Evan’s quesadillas were a success. I’m so glad this boy is eager to learn to cook. We finished off our evening with a game of Monopoly junior and a little lip synching. I have moved on to 90’s music and was fully in the zone to serenade my hubby with some Brian McKnight. I finished off all of my 90’s Totally Hits, Now, etc. We had the best music in the 90’s so I’m going to stay in 90’s mode, which shouldn’t be hard because that is probably 90% of my cd collection. Boy band time!

Be well.