For national poetry month…

A poem, a prayer…

Today I admit, was not my day.

Things just weren’t going my way.

Being both mom and teacher is a difficult task,

When I hear crickets or cries at everything I ask.

I do what I can to keep people happy,

But sometimes I wish they would just take a nappy.

When they are so crabby, nasty and mean,

I try to remind them that we are on the same team.

The way that we are living-the time and the place,

Who ever would have thought this would be the case?

So God give me patience, mercy, and grace,

to help my people to navigate this space.

God, help us to not lose sight of all of our blessings,

when our future right now is filled with a lot of guessing.

Lord help me to hear the words that my kids aren’t saying,

and will you please help us to never stop praying.