After 4 days in the house, I’ve come to the conclusion today that my kids need social distancing from each other! Oh. My. Goodness. So yes indeed I was so thankful for the little bit of sunshine on a mostly cloudy day and I am thankful for our family time outside on the deck enjoying that sunshine. Evan and Logan talked to our adorable neighbors through the fence and it was cute to hear their conversations about what they will do when all this is over. And the best part was sitting with my hubby and just chatting, drinking coffee together and hanging out.

It is nice to think about how much everyone has slowed down during this pandemic. People are being intentional, purposeful, and present, and it is a really beautiful thing. We are blessed to be able to do those things right now. There are so many people who are sick and suffering and dying who can’t. There are so many people working around the clock who can’t. You know what I think the beautiful thing will be? What people choose to do with it all when this pandemic is over. When Covid-19 is all gone and a memory for the history books, how are we going to live? Are we going to go back to busy? Are we going to forget the days of cooking meals together, playing a board game in the middle of the afternoon, sitting on the deck chatting? Or are we going to live in the present, intentional, with a purpose? How are we going to love others? How are we going to support our friends, neighbors, and community? There is so much to reflect on right now, whether you have your health and are safe at home or sick and struggling with this virus, or quaranteened due to exposure, or one of the many essential workers on the frontlines. This world is not going to be the same after this is over. We are not going to be the same when this is over.

Be well.