I made it! 30 poems in 30 days. Although I did not post them all, I am proud that I made it through the challenge. Truthfully, I wrote more than 30 poems this month as once I start thinking and writing in verse, it is hard for me to stop! I’m pretty excited about the projects that I am working on and hope to share them in the future. Oh, and, Thank you all for your happy anniversary wishes. After a very busy week we had a lovely dinner out and some much needed, uninterrupted, quiet time together.

Day 30-A Moving On Poem

Leaving the past in the past

Everything I thought of you

Everything I thought I knew

It holds no weight in my life today

What belongs in yesterday

So I leave it there and walk away

Stuck is where I refuse to stay

This game I will no longer play

Bring on the future, come what may

Letting the potter mold me like a piece of clay

Putting the new me on display

Only God can have his way

Day 28-A Sight Poem

The sun rising over the ocean

Like stars twinkling in the sea

Marvelous colors of the morn

What a sight to behold

Day 22- An Organism Poem


Are independent



sleepy and lazy


playful and energetic


good pets

Day 20 PAD-Use the words: content, double, guide, meet, pump, suit

Let me introduce you

to your guide

his name is content

and he sometimes can hide

Though pleased to meet you

dressed in his suit

Jealousy and envy sometimes

give him the boot

He has to work double

just to keep you focused

and out of trouble

Content can pump you up to see

that the greatest gift is

to let it be

Content with who you are and

what you’ve got

Thankful and content hearts

mean a lot