Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a three ring circus, make that five rings. Everyone’s got their own lives and their own schedules, and I feel like I’m the ringmaster making sure all the pieces come together where they need to. Today the ringmaster screwed up. But before the ringmaster realized she screwed up, she got overwhelmed, but as she felt herself getting overwhelmed, she tried to stop herself from getting overwhelmed. It’s like catching a thought before it gets too far. I’ve been working on that for a long time. Today, I caught myself and I didn’t let the overwhelm that was going on in my head escape out of my mouth with words spoken aloud, it wouldn’t have helped. It would have made my circus crazy town. In fact, I think that is what I will name my circus, Crazy Town, but I digress. My screw up today, embarrassing as it is to admit, but I will for the sake of my blog writing and for your entertainment, was taking 2/3 of my clowns to the dentist on the wrong day. For some reason, I had it in my phone calendar for March 3, at 8am. After a 25 minute ride there, I come to find that it is actually May 3, at 8am. Fantastic. (Also, 8am at the dentist, ew! I’m calling tomorrow and changing that time immediately) Turn around and drive boys to school. They were very forgiving and had a good laugh at my expense as I hope you are too. I had a day. Lots of coming and going. Constant coming and going actually. A Crazy Town kind of day in a 5 ring circus kind of life. But in the midst of it all, I had my people. I had my bible study ladies, studying God’s word with one another, encouraging one another, sharing life with one another. I had a phone call, well several phone calls with my dear friend, laughing together, helping one another, sharing and carrying one another’s joys and hardships, praying together. I had texts with some other friends and my sister, checking in, asking how each other’s day went. I had my hubby, a quick visit to the firehouse to see his clean-shaven face, and a few phone calls throughout the day. I had my kids… These are my people. I need my people. Oh, I need them! But, then when I’m sitting in the car driving a teenager to practice and it’s just not a time that he wants to talk to me, I have God. He’s been with my all day. And at that moment, instead of turning the radio up to fill the empty spaces, I turned the radio off and silently spoke to my God. I love my people, but the love I have for them doesn’t compare. And the love God has for me, doesn’t compare either. In my Crazy Town 5 Ring Circus life, he’s got me, all of me, and he has a plan. He had a plan when I screwed up that appointment this morning. He had a plan when I needed to be here, there, and everywhere. He had a plan in my overwhelm. He has a great plan through every twist and bump in the road. I’m so thankful that he has placed people in my life to walk alongside me through each act of my Circus. We need people. At the end of the day, I have spoken to many people, but I didn’t not share the same things with every person, but each person got a piece of me, and I think it was just the right piece for that moment, and that circumstance. So, whether I talk to one person or 25 people in a day, I believe God is doing something in each of those interactions. How was your day? Are you living in a circus of your own? Who are your people? Do you have people you can be vulnerable with? Do you have people you can share your life and your heart with? Do you have people you can text the vomit emoji to and they just get it? If not, I want to encourage you, to get out there and find your people. I would love to hear about your day, to laugh with you, cry with you, pray with you, leave a comment or feel free to message me, if it is something too personal. We all need people. I’d also love to hear if you feel like you have a circus and what you would name it!