Lately I’ve been feeling like perhaps I should change the name of my blog, after all, not much of what I am writing is specific to being a fire wife. But then we got a blizzard dumped on us and it made me think, well I am a fire wife, and this is my life, so Lifeasafirewife it is!

Sometimes during a storm, I wish he were here with us. Did I say sometimes? I meant all the time. Over the years I have gotten used to it, kind of like working weekends and holidays. The boys and I have our routines and such, but the unspoken word around here is that a piece of us is usually missing. Today was no different. The only thing different is that these boys are another year older and another year stronger. The last time we had this much snow dumped on us, Christopher had stitches in his hand and couldn’t get his hand wet, Evan was too little to help, and Logan was so little I was afraid of losing him in the snow! I don’t miss hubby for the muscle and the help though, I just miss having him home with us in general and having him be part of our regular snowy day routines.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I woke up tired from listening to that wind whipping all night long. 7am came around way too quickly for me. All day I felt like we were biding time and waiting to lose power. I purposely did dishes today rather than loading the dishwasher in case we lost power. At breakfast time I figured, may as well make a big breakfast just in case we lose power and are eating pb&j later. Want to know what an unpleasant thing to happen during a blizzard is? To burn the bacon and set off the smoke detector. “SMOKE, EVACATE, EVACUTAE.” It actually wasn’t my fault but that’s not the point. The poor puppy was so scared and hid behind the door as I went around the living room and kitchen and opened all the windows and doors. BRRRR!!!

We took April out a few times after breakfast as she is an absolute snow nut! I’m convinced that if we lost our shovels, she could either eat our way out or dig our way out. However, she doesn’t get winter attire and goes into crazy mode trying to rip off gloves and hats and it is just too cold for that nonsense.

After lunch, we all bundled up to go out. Holy moly was the snow deep. It was too powdery to make a snowman or snowballs. It was really too deep to make a good snow angel as once we fell in, we couldn’t really get up and out, at least I couldn’t. It was really good for jumping from high places and landing in it and it was also good for tunneling through. But the wind continued to whip us, and we just had to go back in with snow sticking to our eyebrows and eye lashes.

I had a disappointing afternoon game of Mario Kart and after much thought declared that the snow was too deep to shovel and that I was fine to stay home from now until it melts. But alas that was not realistic. So, I gathered up our outdoor gear from the dryer (I basically melted two of the jackets together), had a small pity party that I ruined said jackets and headed outside. We really don’t have a long driveway, unless it is covered in over two feet of snow, then, we have a long driveway! I felt like I was making very little headway as the snow just kept blowing back in our faces. Christopher and Evan are so strong now that they were really doing some great work. But bless our dear neighbor’s heart, when he came over with his snow blower and said, “Look out boys!” (Yeah, I was out there too, but I guess I was just one of the guys tonight, or more specifically, perhaps the little brother since Christopher and Evan are both taller than me).

We ended our evening with hot cocoa, dinner, a movie, and popcorn. Not a bad Saturday if you ask me. Because even though a part of us is missing, he will be home in a few days. And even though he misses out on events like this, he gets to be here for other things. We got a brief facetime chat this morning and we got a glimpse of him as he came by in the plow tonight. In 2022 let’s strive to look for the silver linings in every situation because I can guarantee you, that God’s hand is in everything.