As Covid cases continue to spike and we all live in the uncertainty of the day by day, in this New Year I want to share with you the importance of living in the moment and looking for joy in every day regardless of what life throws your way. After a week away together as a family, we are now out of vacation mode and ponder with no real certainty when the hubby/daddy will be home from work. I know this carries as much disappointment for him as it does for us, but even still, we must press on. Today was the first snow day of the year, and what a great one it was. The snow glistening on the tree branches looked magical. All of my kids played in the snow and acted like kids. Today they were not too old or too cool. That brought me such joy and laughter. I watched them be silly and play together. It was a great day. And April, well she’s living her best rescue dog life!