I love spending time with friends. Though our weekend was overshadowed by the disappointment of yet another concert being cancelled due to Covid-we decided we should still get together with our friends seeing as we already planned to be kid free for the evening. The rain rolled in on our way to meet our friends at the pier for a boat ride. After the rainy summer we all had-we are tough as nails and were not going to let a little rain ruin our evening. What started as a drizzle turned into downpours. But really, we had the best time with great friends and a fun story to tell for years to come. Sure we looked a mess once we got off the boat-but it was well worth it. The laughs we had won’t soon be forgotten, unlike the pizza that never came at dinner, nor will the amazing double rainbow that appeared right before our eyes-ending right in the ocean.
Moral of the story-never underestimate the power of friendship-it is good for the soul.