I love sunsets. Sunrises are pretty cool too but a little too early for me. But sunsets-they may be my love language. I love watching them on the beach, from my front yard, driving through town and seeing it set over the bay, I love a sunset walk with my pup, a sunset behind mountains or a lake, a sunset cruise, pretty much anywhere, anytime. Last weekend I was blessed to be out on my friends boat and as we were getting ready to leave Boston, I looked all around and said, ”the sunset is going to be amazing tonight.” It’s funny because about 95% of the day was gray and overcast and then all of a sudden by about 3pm-it wasn’t anymore-and for some reason, days like that produce the most beautiful sunsets-and that night was no exception. As we rode home in Boston Harbor, the sun sank lower in the sky, and by the time we docked at the marina, the sunset over the Boston skyline was breathtaking. A beautiful painting in the sky that only God alone could put there and no matter how many sunsets I see I am always in awe of every single one of them.