As I sit here typing, all I hear is the sound of the keys, and the pitter patter of the cats paws on the floor. Why? Because today is the first day of school, and for the first time since March 2020, all 3 of my kids are back in the school buildings. I have a whirlwind of emotions today as well as the days leading up to today. Since deciding to send Evan and Logan back this year there has been no shortage of people asking me, ” what will you do when all your kids are back in school?” My answer to everyone, and you can attest to this statement if you have asked me, is, “All The Things!” That answer is kind of vague and mysterious, but it really covers exactly how I feel after 3 months of remote school and 1 year of homeschool because after so much time at home, I kind of started to feel like I lost myself, except there was no time to realize that or do anything about it. I actually don’t think I realized it until the beginning of summer. And it’s kind of funny because it wasn’t just this year that I lost myself, it has been kind of gradual over time. Don’t misunderstand me here though, I’m not saying I lost myself in a bad way. When we chose homeschool for this year, I dedicated myself to it and I wouldn’t go back and trade it for anything, not even for time for myself. It wasn’t about me, it was never about me, it was about giving our kids what we felt they needed in the midst of a global pandemic. I am beyond blessed that I got to have a year with Evan before entering middle school and a year with Logan before entering upper elementary school-though no day was easy, that is time I was gifted with.

But now, now that they are all back in school, I can continue on the path to finding me again. I started this summer a bit. I finally had time to catch up on my Bible in a year plan, read some books, train for a 5k… I got to kayak with my childhood bestie as she reached her goal of making it to Bumpkin Island, which was my first time there, I still have trouble steering the darn thing, but I’m going to get it down this fall. I ran that 5k this past weekend, the whole thing without stopping, so that was pretty awesome. And now, now that I have time, I will write again. It’s been awhile. But it is such a huge part of me. And when I don’t get to do it, I start to feel a little lost. I have many writing projects on my brain, but one day at a time is how we will roll this year. My list of goals is in front of me, or maybe I should say my list of All The Things. I sure don’t know what this school year will bring, but I do know that having goals and a mindset that works towards goals is important.

So today, day one of a new school year, day one of finding me, what are you up to? What are your hopes, your dreams, your goals? What are you working towards? I am working towards balance and adventure. Will you join me on this journey?