Yesterday we took a family day field trip to Animal Adventures Zoo. I’m loving the freedom of having the time to explore and making the time to do these trips as a family. It was a cool rescue center with a fun variety of animals to get up close to. Christopher spent the most time with the monkeys, Evan enjoyed the big cats, and Logan adored the bunnies.

Today I tried to squeeze in as much as possible. Lots of writing with Logan. Lots of reading for Evan. I even talked Christopher into doing some cursive, Spanish, and journaling(since he was done with his school work by 9:30am). We got a beautiful afternoon at the park with friends and to top off the day in keeping with our space theme-we made ice cream in a bag-well we attempted ice cream in a bag-I poured them into cups and topped them off with chocolate chips-so I guess it was more like milkshakes in a bag. At one time not too long ago-my boys would have enjoyed a dance party to songs that had the word shake in it(seeing as we needed to shake that bag for 15 minutes), tonight-not so much😭 Now I have a goal-I’ll try again tomorrow with a different soundtrack🤪