I don’t have much to report today other than the fact that I’m stupid tired! This mama needs to settle in to bed earlier and go to sleep-I’m definitely not getting enough-even my fit bit agrees with me.

The boys switched places this morning and Logan slept in today. I’m definitely getting a lesson in flexibility. On top of that we trashed our couch into a dumpster this morning so I had the unplanned fun of cleaning everything that was under and behind the couch(we are clearly pigs). Now our living room is bare and echoey and we need a dance party🎉.

Just a couple of virgin pina coladas for some tired moms at the end of the school day!
Belly rub for Rocky in our empty living room.
This is how we do 13. He wants an adult sized meal but kid menu flavors. Teenagers!

I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already. The teenager will go back to school in person tomorrow-in 7th grade. Even though the world seems to have stopped for Covid-these kids keep growing up on me.

My take away for today is that nearly everything can be considered school❤️