Today, September 16, 2020 was our first day of school. For months I stressed and pondered. I contemplated and second guessed myself. But today-we did today-Day 1 of 170 days of homeschool.
I chose to keep today simple as this is new for all of us-I didn’t want anyone to go to bed tonight stressed out, overwhelmed, or with regrets. It is also a short week so we are keeping it simple for the week. I made a schedule that really did prove to be a guide as I thought back on some really great advice that I was given from some seasoned and invested homeschool mamas-don’t try to recreate school, everything is a learning opportunity, if something isn’t working take a break or change it, be flexible, have fun… I love schedules so I’ll admit it was hard to not stick to it at every turn. It was hard to not drag my 11 year old out of bed(typically my early riser), it was hard to tell my 9 year old that yes-he could finish his drawing even though our time was up, it was hard to be flexible but I’m glad that I had that advice fresh in my brain and that I was able to follow that advice. I think it made the day go smoother. And it was worth it when I saw smiles and pride. They enjoyed the online program I signed them up for. They enjoyed their morning work boxes. They enjoyed some OT time together(something My 11 year old never qualified for but I always felt he needed). They enjoyed typing practice and drawing and bible games. They enjoyed quiet reading time. And I think they took pride in a job well done as I taught them to do some new chores. Today was not what I imagined it to be-but you know what? That’s ok-because today turned out exactly the way it was supposed to.