Today, I have a teenager. 1-3. TEENAGER!! I’m not sure where the years went. It feels like he was just handed to me after hours of laboring and now he’s a teenager. I’ve been calling him that for about 24 hours now and his spot on teenage response has been, “you’re a teenager,” or “stop-you’re ruining my liiifffeeee!!!” So today in honor of my baby boys birthday, 13 years on this earth- here are 13 characteristics of my 13 year old and 13 wishes for him.

1- Smart-like smarter than me by far!! 2- Talented- at many things-rubix cubes, pogo stick, gymnastics, I could go on and on! 3- Funny-when he went to kindergarten my days became quiet and even a little boring. 4- Entertaining-I’m pretty sure he will be on a stage one day. 5-Introvert- as silly as he is-he definitely is an introvert. 6- Handsome- just look at him❤️. 7-Compassionate. 8-Creative. 9- Responsible. 10- A monkey. 11- A deep thinker. 12- Active. 13-Sensitive.

13 wishes for Christopher

1- That you will reach for your dreams and not be afraid. 2- That you will have a knowledge, love, and deep trust in God. 3- That you work hard in all that you do. 4- That you would not be negatively influenced by your peers but instead that you would have a positive impact on those around you. 5- That you would go into any situation with a positive attitude. 6- That you will take ownership of mistakes and learn from them. 7- That you will surround yourself with people with love you. 8- That you will walk with God and develop a strong faith. 9- That you wouldn’t wish away your youth. 10- That you never try to be someone that you’re not. 11- That you would grow into a man of great character. 12- That you will never stop making us laugh. 13- That you will enjoy your 13th year❤️