It’s been 11 years since my mom left this Earth. 11 years yesterdAy. I try to keep her memory alive-but it is hard considering Christopher was just shy of two, Evan was 3 weeks old and Logan wasn’t even on the radar yet. But even so-I don’t think I will ever not do ice cream sundaes for dinner in memory of my mom. As I explained to Evan in bed tonight-it’s not because she loved ice cream the most-its because if she were here today-she would totally spoil them with ice cream for dinner-of this I am sure!
I’ve said before and I’ll say it again-it is funny to think of the things that spark a memory to life. Food, music, smells… I thought of her as I made potato knish and tuna salad(I was on the verge of potato chips to go with it-convincing myself it was for her-but I remembered that I quit potato chips for a reason and contented myself with the lunch itself). I thought of her as I watched my dare devil 12 year old and thought of how nervous he would make her if she was here now. I thought of her as I snuggled my 9 year old and gazed upon those amazing eyelashes and told him how she would have just adored him. And I will always think of her when I look at Evan who was born just in time for her to know that he made his arrival into the world and she could go in peace. She is on my mind and in my heart every day-but some days the feelings are more powerful. So in my quiet way I will remember her today and always.