We are a country divided.

Divided about politics.

Divided about school.

Divided about the corona virus.

Divided about race.

Divided about which lives matter.

Divided about masks.

We are a country offended by everyone and everything.

We are all entitled to our own opinion, But, we do not have the right to be jerks about it. We do not have the right to shame others. We do not have the right to put others down. We do not have the right to make people feel inferior or stupid.

So before you post on social media or before you engage in a hot topic conversation, please consider your motives. Are you more than happy to talk but not willing to listen? What is your motive? Do you really think that by posting your opinion that you will change someone’s mind or view? You might if you do it in a classy and loving way. You won’t if your words are filled with sarcasm and hatred. Whatever did we do before social media? Maybe engage in a conversation?

This is what I know….

Hurt people hurt people

Kindness matters

If we really want to make a difference in this world-maybe we should start with kindness. If we can all stop for a moment and examine our own hearts and see what they are filled with and what we are pushing out into the world-maybe then we can work on our hearts, our thoughts, and our actions and begin to make a positive impact on just one person. Let’s look at what we are teaching our kids and what our kids are absorbing through social media and 24/7 internet access. Let’s equip them to do better than us, Let’s set the example.

And in the meantime-if anyone out there reading this is struggling with feelings of loneliness, hurt, anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, etc-if anyone reading this feels empty inside-I have the best news ever for you-God is the cure-if you want to talk more about that-please feel free to message me-I would love to talk to you about my Savior.