Well it’s not Thursday but I think it’s just the day to blast out all the things I am thankful for because today I have a bunch that deserve to be noted right here.

So today I am thankful….

For early morning walks on the beach.

For my 10 year old who at this moment in time still wants to do stuff with me(go for walks, run errands, play games…)

For friendly competition and accountability on our daily steps challenge.

For friendship-no matter the season. I don’t know how I could ever survive this crazy fire life if it weren’t for all the friends who have walked beside me, had play dates, beach days, walks, phone calls, Marco Polo messages, 6 ft apart social distance beverages in front yards/backyards, made me and my people part of your families, pointed me to Jesus time and again. Girlfriends are the best❤️

For the 60 minutes of free time I got while my 12 year old “tutored” my 8 year old. These two are like oil and water-but I hope and pray this time together bonds them closer together or at least makes them tolerate one another more.

For leftovers!

For an afternoon movie with the 12 year old and a finished project.

For our beachside town-that we can meet up with friends and enjoy hours on the beach. If it weren’t for the threat of a rain storm that never came-I’m sure we would have been there until dinner time.

For the time my hubby makes to call me while he’s on shift.

For incredible sunsets that makes your breath catch in your throat and remind you that only God could paint something that beautiful for His children to enjoy.

Be well.